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Conscious consumption of clothes means you spend minimum time shopping and keep
a minimum amount of pieces that gather dust in your closet after you’ve worn them once. It’s when every piece is 100% you.
I like simplicity in the way I dress. When it doesn’t look like you spent eternity in front of the mirror before going out. I’m inspired by my friends who have 10 to15 pieces but look much cooler than those with brands and vintages.

For me, using eco materials isn’t innovation but a way back to rationality. To what used to be the norm for our mothers and grandmothers. They practiced repurposing: shortened sleeves of long dresses, or sewed nice buttons on or refashioned a dress into a skirt, so their clothes only got more valuable. Considering the scale at which we consume clothes today, I imagine repurposing must get strictly regulated. Opting for natural materials is no different than being concerned about the origin of the food you eat. You may look cool wearing a synthetic shirt or fueling yourself with soda but at the end of the day, you’ll feel like crap.
At the same time, it’s important to me that clothes don’t look too «eco». It may be organic cotton, fair trade cashmere, bamboo or recycled fabrics but the design shouldn’t resemble the illustrations of an esoteric book.
The first outfit is how I dress every day. A soft and lightweight top, favorite Cos pants and a long jacket. Dressed like that, you can meet up with friends, go to a business meeting or a party. Quality jackets make life much easier. In such a jacket I always feel comfortable, whether it’s a pajama jacket, a kind of robe with a white shirt or an austere jacket with a spacious T-shirt. Just put on thick sole boots or these Jil Sander shoes and go.

The second choice is more of an experiment. I never actually wear slacks like these. But I got tempted by the light and soft fabric. In this outfit, I’d rather take a long summer walk with my dog or go for a picnic.
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«Conscious consumption» is a conscious
attitude to what you buy, where and why you
buy it. With clothes, you should understand that
every piece is not just a piece of fabric — it’s
a result of hard work of designer’s creative
thought and everyone on production.
I’m not into shopping for the sake of shopping. What I value is to know the designer, to understand how they lived when working on the new collection, to see the way it influenced the result.

We live in the time of overproduction. As a result of mindless consumption, everyone accumulates an incredible amount of junk that gathers dust in the closet after being worn only once. Nobody looks at these pieces; they have no past and no future. But the pieces we love, have depth and substance, they get passed down to the next generation. That’s why to me, conscious consumption is also knowing that I will pass down to my daughters all of my dresses, shoes and jackets with their own history.
I love H&M’s initiatives aimed at minimizing the negative impact of light industry on the planet and our lives. I suggest to donate products of mindless consumption to icollect project. I think fashion must get completely «circulated»: outfits will eventually get reproduced from one another and will never expire.

As for materials, production method is surely important. And it’s necessary to remember that fabrics should not only be eco-friendly but also soft and usable. Generally, I believe the most important thing about shopping and life is to be happy. And a conscious choice gives you exactly that.
For my outfit, I chose a beige top, slit shorts and a coat. All beautiful and simple. It’s easy to combine these pieces with designer clothes that I usually wear. It’s an ideal basic set that will match any wardrobe.

For example, in the first look, the bright white platform shoes and python print bag from Marques’Almeida married well with shorts, coat and T-Shirt.

In the second outfit that I call «I just put on all the beige clothes I had» the top perfectly matches my high-waist Walk Of Shame pants, a clutch and Maison Martin Margiela ankle boots. I liked the top so much that I even tried to take it home from the photo shoot :)
Over the past several years I’ve been fighting endless consumption and buying of useless clothes that I can wear no longer than one season. Fashion is gaining speed and myself — I keep out of that race.
Boyfriend jeans, white shirts, leather and military jackets and all sorts of vintage are the basis of my wardrobe. I always choose a pragmatic approach. I buy something because I know it will stay with me for a long time and not because it’s the latest collection.

Of course I care about quality and fabrics. But since I get allergic to unnatural materials, my choice of «non-toxic» is sort of predefined.
I’m not a flamenco style fan, honestly. But in this collection I found some beautiful pieces. The bolero-jacket with luxurious decorative trim is a perfect fit for my wardrobe of tops and jeans. I hope I don’t get attacked by bulls when I’m wearing this.

For me, it’s important that a new piece fits into my daily life. I like it when fashion is not a dream but is connected with reality, and you can wear it to the office, park, party or a friends’ place.