Rita Ora#unstoppable: Hip Girls’ Takes on No-rules Looks

Five ladies shared how the Adidas Originals by Rita Ora Collection reflects their views on life.

Despite multiple waves of feminist movements, there are still many taboos that constrain women in their day-to-day lives. Sometimes though, it takes no more than a bold outfit to make you feel confident and sexy. We collaborated with Adidas Originals and talked to five beautiful girlbosses who make their own decisions on how to dress and live their lives.
Sportswear is for training only, right?
Vasilina Moroz
jewelry designer, PR-Director of The Tub

By night, I’m a DJ. For my gigs, I create the craziest outfits and just let go. I can dress up in short hooligan tops or cropped T-shirts (to show off my secret hidden tattoos), a short dress and aggressive jewelry, bold makeup and colored hair streaks. In my daily life, though, I have no time and desire to attract that much attention. I don’t follow any specific rules. Ultimately, it’s all about my mood, really—hough, being neat and wearing clean stuff is a must on all occasions.

Does elegant mean pumps and dresses?
Liza Ostanina
freelance stylist

I try to avoid stereotypes — got sick enough of dress code at school. We were made to wear black and white, but I would put on my dad’s oversized shirts and leather leggings. Now that it’s officially allowed, I can show up to the office or a party in sportswear or sliders. Heels to me are a relic of the past — I barely ever wear them. I also know that an elegant blouse won’t make you look smart if you have nothing to say. Though there’s one rule: total black — always swag!

Mom said: to be taken seriously, dress modestly. Really?
Sweta Muller
Picls partner

Even as a child I resisted any dress code stereotypes. When you’re young, you have fewer doubts and are free to act as you feel: ignore criticism from your parents or school dress code or gram’s birthday party aesthetics. Since then, little has changed. I do observe a couple of rules though: short heeled pumps are more elegant than sneakers, and don’t dress like Steve Jobs just because it’s comfortable. Yet, pretty dresses and shoes keep dusting in my wardrobe, while I keep picking jeans and tops. And though I do get bored of being a tomboy, I just can’t control it.

Is price the differentiator?
Natasha Istomina
Afisha fashion director

I never wear a «naked face» to an important business meeting. This helps me look older — I’m 27 but normally look like a 14-year-old. I can carry around a pair of high heels in my bag for weeks in a row, just in case, and end up never wearing them, just cause changing in front of a business center looks way weirder than showing up in sneakers. For quite a while, I’ve been wearing pajamas instead of cocktail dresses to parties. There was a time when I was short of money and couldn’t afford to buy new clothes, but my gram’s elegant slips helped out.

Style experiments are just for the chosen ones, or?..
Nastya Batashova

The way I dress depends on how confident I feel. I can’t say I ever tried to look overly attractive or «focus on the audience». I only focus on my inner world. As for my tastes, I like it when girls wear boyfriends’ stuff and myself, also put on men’s or just oversized clothes. I love it when my movements are not constrained. Very often people around me may look surprised to see me wear my nightie, a man’s jacket and sneakers, but that’s my favorite weekend outfit.

Alexander Karnyukhin

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