Today’s «Weekly Apartment» special will focus on smart technologies in interior design. By studying this apartment, you’ll learn about key household innovations and will experience them in action using your smartphone.

In 1990 John Romkey, one of the inventors of the Internet, connected a toaster to the World Wide Web, while on a dare, and made the first ever online-breakfast. Today, everyone can feel like a superhero by controlling appliances from a distance via the Smart home system. Googie interiors, iconic everyday habits of «The Jetsons» and animated fantasies of  Tex Avery have become mundane, and serve as a must-have addition to modern apartments.


Oftentimes, an interest in smart interiors starts with smart lighting — today that’s the most accessible technology of the future. Mobile dimmer apps are heirs of sound activated light switches that react to clapping. By using them you can illuminate your living room like Berlin’s Berghain or a treehouse, all while sitting on your couch or doing shopping.

For wallpaper, «smart» is the new white. In a smart interior, you can change the color of the walls to fit the mood or occasion. However, that would require some budget, spent on meters of special sensors that activate electronic ink. In addition to aesthetic dividends, «smart» wallpaper also brings real practical benefits: it saves electricity by relocating the energy used by household appliances, or watches kids via motion detectors.



Some kitchens are even smarter than lounge rooms. The fridge with built-in weight sensors not only reminds its owners if they are running out of milk or cat food, but also orders food online. Electronic RFID tags used to mark goods in supermarkets, may include — besides price — shelf life data. As soon as this technology becomes widespread, refrigerators will be able to check food condition and recommend a such a menu where milk, for instance, would never get wasted.


Smart technologies can brighten up even the hardest time of the day: waking up. At the right time, a silent alarm clock and lighting system simulate sunrise in the bedroom and the coffee machine starts preparing the morning espresso. A smart light path would comfort those who tend to wake up at nigt: special light strips will guide your way through the darkness to the bathroom or the fridge.

Internet for everything

In the future, all the devices in a smart home will be connected to the Internet, and you’ll be able to manage them from your smartphone. Today, Beeline offers to put together all the gadgets you already own under one account: smartphone, tablet or router. With an exclusive «Internet for everything» offer you can use the Internet on different devices, paying only for your smartphone. It’s convenient! In your personal account, you can easily control total traffic expenses from your smartphone or any connected device.

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